As Hudson gets older I get more and more excited for the days to come. Don’t get me wrong, I miss my little newborn. Those days were magical and I will cherish them always. But seeing my baby becoming an independent adventure boy is soooooo much fun! He “danced” for the first time yesterday and I about started to cry. I live for these moments.

One of our favorite places to go is the Mendenhall River. Hudson is extremely intrigued by the cold glacier water and has way too much fun picking up sticks and throwing sand. I feel like each day we take him there he finds something new to enjoy. So last night we went out to eat at a fantastic Mexican Korean fusion restaurant called V’s Cellar Door followed by a stroll down by the river. The weather has been better than ever and I seriously can’t get enough of it! We laughed about how low 70’s in Florida meant bring out the sweaters and here high 60’s is hot. As long as the sun is out of course. Hudson’s newest thing is walking in to the water and as soon as it covers his feet he cries because it is SO cold. No matter how many times I take him away, he walks right back in. Also, he thinks it is hilarious to pull the sunglasses off of my face. The crazy laughter that comes with it kills me every time!

We ended the night running into some bears. I was so excited because I’ve been on the look out all season. As frightened by them as I am, I LOVE watching them (from a distance!). They were actually just a few feet from us eating the grass by our car but they didn’t seem to mind us being there. Lock started to take some pictures but when he realized they were cubs he backed off. That’s one thing we have in common for sure… you don’t mess with mama bears cubs, am I right? Does that mean we can be friends!?

This fun round towel is from a new shop called Shop | Strands. It’s reversible (the other side is the same but white with black design). I wasn’t planning on doing this blog post but the towel was so pretty we couldn’t stop taking pictures, so here we are. The black diaper bag is from Fawn Design and the Escape tote is from Forestbound

I’m wearing: 
She’s A Fox Romper from Amies La Vie
Boardwalk Sandal from Madewell
Knit Sweater from Free People

As promised, use my code “PARTYFORTHREE” to get 15% OFF your order from Amies La Vie.


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