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Well, Lock is gone for 6 weeks. One down. Five more to go. Luckily we are meeting in Chicago next weekend so five weeks is really only four! I always have a difficult time when he’s away especially within the first few days but now that I’m pregnant, exhausted and emotional I find it to be 10x harder. Dealing with a toddler while you feel like a walking zombie (thanks pregnancy fatigue) all day long really tests my patience. And my sanity. Toys everywhere, laundry I just folded and put away all over the floor, refusing to eat what I cooked, screaming for no reason etc. You all know what I’m talking about, right? I know it’s totally okay to have a bad day, but having something to do regularly that will calm my mind and kind of help freshen up my day is exactly what this mama needs right about now.

Bellabeat recently reached out to me requesting I give their smart bracelet (that can also be worn as a clip or necklace), Leaf, a try. I’m not one to track my steps or my menstrual cycle for that matter but I was really intrigued by their sleep, stress and meditation features. Plus, having the step tracker while I’m pregnant helps remind me that I need to get out of the house at least once and do a little exercise. Aka run after Hudson for an hour or two. I don’t know much about meditation and I really never thought of it as something that could or would benefit me. However, I think I’m starting to change my mind. The Leaf comes with several different meditation exercises that include short audio files to help get you into a very calm state. It will actually track your progress and see how calm it helps you become! You can also choose to do a body scan which will track your breathing and tell you if your mind is as calm, happy and productive as it should be in that moment. Another great thing about the Leaf is it’s sleep feature. I don’t know about you but even before I was pregnant I would wake up still tired and never seemed to feel as rested as I should. The sleep tracker actually helps you figure out the best time to go to sleep and wake up and can even get you up in the morning with a slow soothing vibration.

Aside from my favorite features, the Leaf tracks your daily activity as well as your menstrual cycle. It can track steps taken, distance moved, calories burned and active minutes. Through the app you can see how your exercise habits affect your health, where you need to improve and how it affects your sleep and mindfulness. If you’re horrible at remembering to exercise, the bracelet will actually start vibrating when it’s time to move. Pretty cool, huh? And if you’re trying to get pregnant or just want to be prepared for your next period, the Leaf will track it for you. If you’re taking pills it will remind you when to take them and it will remind you of your upcoming period. It also identifies the pattern of your cycle and is designed to make fertility tracking easy with it’s fertility charts and ovulation calculator.  Bellabeat is all about helping women create a better lifestyle for themselves by bringing them the wellness tools they need to encourage good healthy habits. So if you’ve been eyeing one of those exercise bracelets or whatever else is out on the market for these kinds of things, I highly recommend you look into the Leaf!

If you have any questions or want to know more visit www.bellabeat.com


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