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Yay it’s Friday! And I’m back after going MIA last week. Sometimes life gets in the way, ya know? Lock has been gone almost the entire month which leaves me without a single break other than nap time however thanks to this pregnancy my usual “get things done” time is now also my nap time. This week I’m talking about a book subscription box based in Canada called Lillypost. Each month your child will receive a box full of carefully curated books, hand-wrapped and all. When signing up you can choose a 1, 3, 6 or even 12 month subscription where you will receive month 11 for free. And to make sure there is something for everyone they have two different box options: the Board Box for 0-2 months or the Picture box for ages 3+. I want to say that I am very impressed by this subscription service. I’ve signed up for my fair share of these and am usually disappointed by a mess of small products I’ll never use, even full size products that just don’t fit with my lifestyle, or in Hudson’s case, a couple of books with a few plastic toys that get thrown into a junk pile. Lillypost is packed with several quality books (our September box came with 5 ) and even a box of the very popular Art Cards for Baby.

When Lillypost reached out asking if they could send Hudson a box for a couple of months, of course I couldn’t say no! Story time is so very important for our little one’s development and while H isn’t too interested in listening to the stories yet, he loves looking at the pictures and pointing at the things he likes or hears me say which is such a great learning experience for him. I know that it can be hard to add one more thing to your super busy routine and some kids really just don’t like to read, so I thought I’d share a few tips that could help encourage a love for books and reading!

  1. A subscription. Surprise! I think a subscription box is a huge plus with little ones because they always want new things right? Receiving a new set of books in the mail each month will not only be exciting for them but also spark an interest to see what’s inside. If they already enjoy reading but get tired of their own books quickly this is especially great because they’ll always have a new story to read!
  2. Let them choose a place to go when the box arrives. Make it fun! When the box comes, let them choose a place they want to go to read. Not only will this allow them to get creative it will get them excited for story time. They get to read new books and go somewhere cool?! Yep, they’ll love it! Wether it be to the beach during sunset, the treehouse in your backyard, a teepee in your house, or a walk to the local park it will encourage a good reading experience.
    Note: I know this defeats the purpose of “letting them choose” but try to limit the location to a somewhat quiet place so there won’t be any crazy distractions.
  3. Get on their level. I know Hudson loves it when I get into HIS bed with him to read before bed. It’s like I turn into a toddler for 30 mins. He’s amazed haha! This bonding experience is not only great for the two of us but helps his love for books grow because he looks forward to it. I’ve made this part of his bedtime routine so that it fits in well with our day but you could switch it up and read during bath time or as a wake up ritual. Also I’ve heard that if you’re potty training, reading a book while they’re sitting on the potty can be a very helpful trick to get them to stay on long enough to go.

Of course these are just suggestions and things that I’ve found to put a smile on Hudson’s face. If you have any other ideas or things that work for your kids, I’d love to hear! It’s only a matter of time before H’s interests change so I’m sure I’ll be looking for new things to try in the next few months.

If you’re interested in giving Lillypost a shot use code “PARTYFORTHREE” to get 10% OFF any 3,6 or 12 month subscription at checkout.
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