From Crib To Bed At 15 Months

If you follow me on Instagram you know we recently made the transition from crib to toddler bed at 15 months. Leading up to the switch I kept trying to convince myself that it was way too early. Aren’t they supposed to be like, two?! I did what I always do and googled it. I went on to read article after article, many giving tips on signs your toddler is ready to make the move and others talking about how their child was climbing out of their crib which is obviously unsafe. Unfortunately I was no longer convinced. Yep, it was time. The nerves kicked in and I couldn’t help but think about all of the exhausting turns this could take. There’s no way I’m going to get him to understand that he’s supposed to stay in his bed, let alone in his room right?

Just a couple of weeks prior to all of this, Munchkin requested we partner up to get the word out about their Luna Safety Gate. Talk about perfect timing. When this was originally discussed I already had the thought to put the gate on Hudson’s bedroom door in order to keep the dogs out of his room as well as have a safe place to put H while I mop the floors or do the dishes. But now it has taken on a whole new worth. Total game changer! It is secured on the outside part of the frame so I am still able to close and open his door along with the gate so when he’s in there by himself I can still see and hear him perfectly. The gate is extremely sturdy, I mean this thing isn’t going anywhere, which is a huge requirement since we’re in this situation thanks to Hudson’s climbing skills. You can make it a one way open or two, depending on your preference and where you are putting it in your home. It came totally put together so all I had to do was install it which took about 5 minutes. There’s also a little light bar at the very bottom that is great for nighttime wake up calls!

Thanks to the gate the transition has gone a lot better than I had expected. Typically when I put him down, he’ll get out of bed, play a little and then crawl back up and fall asleep. No crying necessary (usually). Since he can’t get out and roam the house I think it has definitely helped him understand the real meaning behind the words “nap time” and “bedtime”. I have also made sure to be consistent in our schedule more than ever because like any big change, it can be scary and a bit challenging to adjust. I want Hudson to feel secure and know exactly how things are going to go, no curve balls.
Our nighttime routine goes something like this:
5:00 PM – Dinner
5:30 PM – Walk
6:00 PM – Bath
6:30 PM – Read
7:00 PM – Bedtime

It is impossible to make anything go the way you want when it comes to parenting so keeping an open mind and holding on to that patience is very important, especially during times like these. I know that H is going to have good days/nights and bad. In this circumstance I think it is crucial to show empathy for your child even when it might seem like they’re just throwing a tantrum. This is a huge change for the both of you so stick together! He’s had his moments for sure and I do my best to reassure him that being in his bed isn’t a bad thing.
There are a few things I have loved so far about having him in a toddler bed:
1. I can easily lay down next to him
2. We can sit in bed and read together
3. He’s becoming much more comfortable in his own room and bed

If you’re interested in trying out the Luna Safety Gate you can head on over to Babies R Us to pick one up. I highly recommend this especially for families that have stairs. Like I mentioned above, it is very sturdy so when you’re child starts trying to pull up on it you can be sure there won’t be any heart dropping tumbles.

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Munchkin. As always all opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for supporting this blog and the companies that sponsor it. 


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