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My dad’s in town this week so we took him to our most recent favorite spot down by the Mendenhall River. We’re almost always the only people there which is nice because it feels like our backyard haha! For those of you that don’t know much about Juneau, it is a rain forest. A very large temperate rain forest which means it rains A LOT and the ground is always wet. We spend a lot of time hiking and going for walks but never just sitting down and relaxing by the ocean because I could never lay any of our blankets down or they would be soaked after a couple of minutes.

So I teamed up with Gathre to try out one of their mats and see what all the hype was about. Take note: they are AMAZING. These mats are waterproof, spill proof, dirt proof, food proof… just about anything proof. And! No water gets through when we lay it on the ground. We’ve been living here for a year now and I’m kicking myself for not having had one of these sooner. Hudson doesn’t get too dirty yet, but when he does all I have to do is wipe it right up or pour water over it and boom it’s clean! The clean freak in me is jumping up and down.

I’m super excited to be hosting a giveaway over on my Instagram to give one lucky winner a $30 shop credit. All you have to do is follow both Gathre and myself (on Instagram), and tag some friends on my Instagram post for entries. I will randomly select a winner in 48 hours. Good luck!


Disclaimer: this post was sponsored by Gathre. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.


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