H’s Room | Phase One

I know. I’m crazy. Already re-doing Hudson’s room and all. But hear me out! Because of our transfer to Alaska right after H was born I wasn’t able to really plan his nursery. And when we lost the majority of our furniture in the move, I settled. So want to know what we do here in Alaska when it rains for a whole entire month? We re-design! I’ve teamed up with some really amazing companies to put this room together and hope it gives you some serious nursery inspiration.

Company #1 – Chasing Paper! I love wallpaper. My husband hates it but he loves me so that’s that 😉 I wanted something simple and was originally thinking minimal polka dots (because I’m obsessed with @kate_makehey‘s nursery) but then I found this. I absolutely love that the triangles look stamped and aren’t super bold. It was fairly easy to put up. Yep, I’m allowed to say that because I didn’t make Lock do ALL the work! There was a little trial and error in the beginning but then he found the best way, for us at least, to put it up. I’m not entirely sure how to explain it but he put it on at an angle instead of straight down and just rolled it on.

The entire process took just about an hour. Not bad! We hung 10 sheets but two more still have to go up. I am extremely happy with how it turned out. I am very indecisive when it comes to things like this. I make a decision and then I regret it or wish I had made a different choice. But that is not the case with these little triangles. I love them!

P.S. – Thanks dad for coming to visit and snapping some pics of this process.

Company #2 – Babyletto! If you haven’t heard of them, you’re welcome. I fell in love with their furniture recently when I found them through Mini Style Blog. We weren’t happy with the crib we had for H for several reasons so I was super excited to partner up with Babyletto for this. The crib came yesterday and I immediately got to work. My husband is out of town so getting the huge box up our front steps and into his room was the most challenging. Putting the crib together was a piece of cake. I did it by myself in about 30 mins while Hudson patiently (I love him) watched me from his highchair. We haven’t left his room since. Jk we have but it’s already my favorite room in the house!

Stay tuned for some DIY projects my husband and I will be doing as we work hard to complete this room. And eventually the full reveal!

Disclaimer: This post was thoughtfully sponsored by Chasing Paper & Babyletto. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.


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