It’s Baby Time!

I have been anxiously holding this news inside since the day I found out on August 2nd. In fact I wasn’t going to post until tomorrow but what the heck. I’m pregnant! Hudson and I were in California for three weeks and although I wasn’t having any signs or symptoms (other than a period that hadn’t yet shown up), I had a weird feeling I should take a test. I put it off for a few days because I was scared to find out and have to keep it a secret from Lock for so long. What was I going to do, tell him over the phone?! No way! But eventually I gave up and peed on the stick. I have no idea why those tests say to wait two minutes. That BFP shows up the second it gets wet! Holy moly, we are going to have another baby. I walked out of the bathroom to join eight of my family members in the living room and somehow kept a straight face for the rest of the night. The perfect practice round to get me ready for all of the times I was about to FaceTime Lock. I kept it a secret from him for an entire four days that felt like ten, sorry babe. I remembered seeing a shirt that said Big Brother on it from The Bee and The Fox so I ordered it and had it sent home. Whenever I’m out of town I always ask him to open my mail and tell me what it is which set this up for perfection. We FaceTimed as he opened it and sure enough he was surprised, excited and a little shocked. We had been trying to get pregnant again for about 4 months with no luck. By the time July rolled around we decided the timing would be horrible so we should stop. Funny how things workout like that, huh? Hudson was born two weeks before Lock had to leave for his transfer to Alaska and while we made it through just fine I would have preferred not having to do that again. Luckily this time around we’ll have a couple of months rather than a couple of weeks… I’ll still plan for chaos!

So far things have been going just as they did with H. I’m constantly nauseas but not throwing up. Doesn’t sound too bad, right? Wrong! The nausea is so intense I have an extremely hard time eating. I am insanely fatigued and I get random headaches just about everyday. I’m stubborn and refuse to take anything because wether they say it’s safe or not, is it really? I can’t complain though because I have a healthy little babe growing strong and I definitely don’t have it as bad as some. I stick to protein shakes with added spinach, crackers or apples with almond butter, and oatmeal on the days I feel the worst and hope beyond belief I can stomach some mint chocolate chip ice cream for dessert because hey, I’m allowed to eat as much of it as I want when I’m pregnant. I have seriously been craving everything and anything I see or hear. If there’s a commercial on the radio (we don’t have TV) about food you better believe I’m on my way to the grocery to get whatever it is they’re talking about haha! I may only eat one bite but it’s the satisfaction that counts.

Minus the discomforts, I missed being pregnant but I have to admit I’m a little nervous. So many questions rolling around in my head. How will I love another baby as much as I love Hudson? Will he be okay? How will he respond? How will I find the time for both? I know my emotions will be at an all time high as we get closer to the due date and this list of questions will continue to grow and drive me nuts. But I just keep reminding myself that I’ve got this! I was made for this! We had originally planned to wait until March to start trying, that way H would understand better and we’d get a little extra quality time with him. We also would have transferred before having the baby. The medical care here makes me a little nervous because if something were to go wrong during childbirth they would have to fly me to Seattle or Anchorage. No thanks! However, we then realized Juneau is the perfect place to go through another pregnancy especially while having to take care of a toddler. Our life here is very mellow and we don’t have to travel far to get the things that we need. I feel very little stress here which is the perfect environment for a healthy pregnancy. I’m not expecting this to be easy, but I am so excited that we’ll be welcoming another babe into our lives sooner than we can blink. I long to feel that feeling I felt when I held Hudson for the first time again. There is absolutely nothing better.


Knitted Grey Jumpsuit from Boohoo | Bangles from Belmto

Big Brother Tee from The Bee and The Fox | Teether from Otherware

Baby #2 is due on April 2nd and the very best part is my best friend Ashley is due just one week before me. I know we’re thousands of miles away from each other but I wouldn’t want to go through a pregnancy with anybody else. I thought it would be fun to each do the same Q&A once a month to see just how different pregnancies can be and hopefully help other women see that they are not alone when it comes to the awesome, weird, and not so awesome things our bodies can do during this time. If you have any questions you’d like us to answer please leave them in the comments below and I’ll add them to our first session next week!


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  1. October 14, 2016 / 4:13 am

    Congrats! Wow, two babies so close in age! I’m due with our 5th baby in early January but our kiddos end up coming further apart (my babies breastfeeding is akin to that of a 24/7 auction cup for about 18 months straight 😂). I can tell you that you love each baby as intensely and wholly as the first; there’s no division of love, just exponential growth. But having two babies, essentially, isn’t easy! Just remember that your sweet boy will still be a baby when your new little one comes, and that he will need your love and attention more than ever! Toddlerhood is tough and hard to navigate, and mama is the perfect salve for that. Best of luck to you, and congrats again!

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