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How lucky am I to have found such an inspiring and caring community of women? I always knew how powerful social media was but never dreamed of being this connected. When I found out I was pregnant with Hudson, I was the only one in my friend group that suddenly had a very near future with a baby let alone husband. I didn’t have any local peers that I could learn from or seek advice from regarding pregnancy and having a newborn so I created a new Instagram account (@partyforthree) and began my hunt for mama accounts that I could relate to. I never imagined that it would become what it has and I never would have thought that I would make real connections with these people I can now call friends.

Just recently Hailey from @householdmagny reached out to me expressing her excitement about my pregnancy and said that her and Rachel (@rachdesztich) wanted to host a virtual baby shower for me. I could have cried! Lock and I weren’t planning on having any sort of shower since 1. We live thousands of miles away from family and 2. We already had one with Hudson and weren’t quite sure if a second baby shower was normal? So having two internet friends that thought of me and wanted to do something special for me made me all kinds of emotional. Of course, I accepted and the six weeks of giveaways began. The two of them gathered four other mamas (@chrissyjpowers, @ozarkmamadeer, @pluswonderland, & @melissasonico) and each of them chose an item they couldn’t have lived without as a new parent. They all hosted a giveaway, one a week for six weeks, and gave the item chosen to one lucky winner as well as me for my virtual baby shower! Talk about creative idea. Below I have listed the products I received and can honestly say these ladies were dead on for “must have new mama things”.

The Solly Baby Wrap

This was chosen by Rachel (@rachdesztich) and I couldn’t agree more. Having a newborn can make getting anything done impossible! But having a soft/cozy carrier like this will quickly solve that problem. Carrying your baby close provides them soothing comfort and I guarantee they will sleep through all of your house work, errands and even while you sit down to take a break. Unless they’re hungry of course ;). The Solly Baby Wraps are made out of the softest material so not only is it comfortable for baby but it is the absolute best for us mamas.

Natti Natti

One of my favorite pillows chosen by Hailey (@householdmagny). There is nothing better than a decorated room to walk into when you’re feeling like a total zombie. Especially when it involves a pillow with a saying like this to lighten the mood. Getting zero sleep with a newborn does a lot to you emotionally and sometimes you just need that special reminder like “getting through the day feels impossible, but I love you so much, I can do anything!” This pillow from Natti Natti does that for me.

Goat Milk Ribbed Suit from Noble Carriage 

This organic ribbed onesie was chosen by Melissa (@melissasonico). There is nothing better than a simple, soft and cute outfit for your newborn. You can’t go wrong! It’s something that can be worn all day every day and never get old. We all want our little babes to look cute right? You can add so much to this cute little onesie to make it special. Noble Carriage also carries toys, gifts, accessories and bedding so it’s one of those one stop shops you can’t live without.

Sonnet James

Every pregnant/post-partum mama deserves a comfy outfit they can get away with wearing anywhere! You can thank Chrissy (@chrissyjpowers) for this one. I am a sucker for comfy clothes that allow me to move and give me room to breathe. Jumpers, dresses and leggings are my go-to’s. The dresses from Sonnet James are perfect for around the house, going out, or even to a special event so you really can’t go wrong.


 Alice (@pluswonderland) was definitely right about this one. I’m surprised we’ve gone this long without a DockATot. Hudson took to it so fast I didn’t even have time to save it for our little girl on the way. It provides such a comforting space for littles and it’s such a great/safe place for them to cozy up and take a nap or even sleep through the night. I’m sure you’ve seen them all over by now but I’m here to vouch for everyone that says it’s a must, because it is!

Little Sapling Toys

Nico (@ozarkmamadeer) ended the six week giveaway series with this sweet wooden rainbow toy from Little Sapling Toys. It’s perfect for a little extra nursery decor while baby is too little to play and once they’re older it’s a great learning toy to help with their problem solving, fine motor skills and pattern recognition. Plus, I’m a sucker for wooden toys. There’s just something about the simplicity of them that keep the house calm and quite.

I encourage you all to check out the mamas involved in this series as well as the brands. And I want to thank everyone for putting this together for me. The love I felt from this series is unexplainable. 


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