Our Tiny Moments

There aren’t very many things I keep in our daily routine. Too much and I’m overwhelmed. Aside from breakfast, lunch, dinner, the occasional snack and a massage we’re pretty spontaneous. Don’t worry, he always has his bath, several story times and gets to bed at a reasonable hour. And naps definitely happen or we’d all be miserable. But we don’t have a super strict schedule.

Okay, back to massage. Before Hudson was born I knew nothing about baby massage. I had no idea that was a thing. And I certainly didn’t know that it could help with common infant discomforts. Thanks to my Grandma Susan I found out as soon as Hudson was born. She gave us a book on the topic and I immediately took it home, grabbed our Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion (which was also a gift) and started trying to do what the book said. Nothing seemed to be happening. I honestly wish I had taken a class had I known about it. H was not an easy baby. Unless he was eating he screamed. And that went on all night long. Some people said colic. Some said gas. Anyways, I didn’t give him another massage for a while. But eventually I braved the book and tried again!

Still not sure if I did all of the techniques right, but he loved whatever I was doing and that was good enough for me! It has became one of my favorite tiny moments with my son and it snuck it’s way into our daily routine. The smiles, giggles and overall calmness make my day! Not to mention his skin! Babies already have soft skin but add Aveeno Baby lotion into the mix, and I don’t think his skin could get any softer.

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