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I am super excited to have partnered with Old Navy to share my #50Styles50States Personal State Style tips and tricks for Juneau, Alaska. Juneau is a comfy and casual kind of place when it comes to fashion. It rains just about everyday (because we live in a rainforest) so getting super cute, hair done and makeup on like you would in a big city isn’t typically on the top of our list. We’re all about the outdoors here and spend most of our days hiking, fishing, boating, camping etc. so having a few good pieces that can keep you fashionable yet comfortable is a big “yes”.

My go-to Fall outfit is jeans and a t-shirt paired with a lightweight jacket worn with sandals or boots. This is a very versatile outfit and can be worn during the day while you run errands, on a stroll down one of our many beautiful trails, or even out to dinner, a bar or a movie in the evening. You can zip this Old Navy Field Jacket up, pull the strings to tighten it around your waste and tie it for more of a nighttime look. Add a pair of Chelsea Ankle Boots and you’re good to go. Juneau can have chillier days as early as October so I would not hesitate to keep a scarf and knit hat on hand with those boots I was talking about. Again, we are all about comfort here and being cold is not comfortable, am I right?


Striped Tee
Mid-Rise Rockstar Skinny Jeans
Field Jacket
Textured Double-Strap Sandals

On a hotter day, yes we do have those in Alaska, I would swap the jeans for a pair of Boyfriend Cuffed Shorts in a heartbeat. My weather app rarely shows a day in the 70’s but when it happens you better believe I’m dressing light. I love spending a warm day down by the Mendenhall River or out on Sandy Beach wearing something like this V Neck Shift Dress and this Felt Floppy Sunhat because the sun doesn’t shine often so when it does I’m going to take advantage of it, activity and fashion wise!

V Neck Shift Dress
Field Jacket
Felt Floppy Hat
Textured Double-Strap Sandals

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