Pregnancy Q&A – Week 14 & 15

Chelsea Vance | @partyforthree – Ashley Heather | @ashleyyheather

I am so excited to be pregnant at the same time with my best friend and  I knew we had to do something fun together since we are on opposite sides of the country. I know there are so many women, myself included, that question the things their bodies go through especially during pregnancy and they wonder if they’re the only ones. My goal for doing this Q&A session each month is to put some of that to rest and really show just how different pregnancies can be and that no matter how our body changes through this incredible journey, it isn’t a bad thing!

  1. How long have you been trying to get pregnant?
    Lock and I decided to start trying in March. We didn’t have very good luck in the beginning (obviously) and then I had to have my gallbladder removed which postponed everything. By the time we decided the timing wasn’t great anymore, I was pregnant! Funny how things work out like that haha.
    A: We had been trying for one year + 2 months. After countless “I think I might be pregnant” and negative tests, I finally stopped wanting it so badly. I go so sad every time and always ran back to Chelsea whining about how I was ‘broken’ and she could just have all of the babies for me! Petey was always so optimistic, always saying when it happens it happens. Chels would try to come up with different things for me to do to try and help the process but the only thing that honestly worked was when I stopped obsessing over it. I know so many people say that but it actually does work.
  2. When did you first find out and who was the first person you told?
    I found out while Hudson and I were on a three week vacation in California. We had just gotten home from Disneyland with my dad when I decided to take a test. August 2nd was the day! The first thing I did after laying eyes on that + sign was text Ashley. My poor husband didn’t find out for another 4 days.
    A: Every month that went by, my period would come even later. On July 22nd I came home from work and asked Petey to come with me to get a test. Again the question, don’t you think it’s too early? How late are you? This time I was a full week late which was the longest by far. We started watching Straight Outta Compton, romantic setting for finding out right? lol but that’s so Petey and I. I took the test and then laid back down waiting like 30 more minutes until I finally asked Petey to look at it. We were SHOCKED. I didn’t believe it was real. We told his parents the next morning.
  3. What was your first sign of pregnancy?
    I did not feel pregnant at all. The only reason I thought to take a test was because I was a week or so late. It was super strange really because with Hudson my boobs killed at least two weeks before my period never showed and I felt sick to my stomach at very random moments. I didn’t feel any symptoms this time around until I was about 8 weeks.
    A: To be honest I did not “feel” pregnant for the first 2 months. I experienced fatigue and that’s it. I also started showing almost one month into it and now my bump is 4 times the size of Chelsea’s and she’s only a week behind haha!
  4. Your favorite part of pregnancy so far?
    I have to admit, this time around doesn’t feel as special. I know that’s probably totally normal but it makes me feel a little guilty. I’d say a fave ‘moment’ so far though is when I lift my shirt and show Hudson my tummy and say “there’s a baby in there” and he reaches his hands up to rub it. I don’t think he really knows what all of this means but it definitely still pulls at my heartstrings.
    A: My favorite or should I say OUR favorite part of the pregnancy so far is the doctors visits. We LOVE seeing the baby and the look on Pete’s face when he sees it is literally the greatest sight in the world.
  5. Least favorite part so far?
    Having to pee every 5 minutes is super inconvenient. And I’m not exaggerating. I have to go every. five. minutes.
    A: I’ve suffered from bad migraines for as long as I can remember. It’s probably been over a year since I’ve had on that’s gotten so bad, I’m throwing up but there was a straight week and a half in September that I started getting them again first thing in the morning and would last most of the day. Then it turned into twice a day until I was able to get back on medication. Those few days were torture! It literally drained me and I was miserable. They have let up a lot now so I’m praying they stay away!
  6. Weirdest craving?
    I can’t say that I’ve had any weird cravings but I seriously crave anything and everything I see or hear about. The amount of times I go to the grocery store or the market down the road in one day is a bit embarrassing!
    A: Pregnant or not I crave candy ALL the time. Next to my bed is currently a jar filled with Skittles Orchards and the big Sour Patch Kids, my fave! The only out of the box craving that I have had so far is KFC. I couldn’t tell you the last time I had it but I contained myself lol.
  7. Do you have any fears?
     Of course I do! I think I have more fears this time around than I did when I was pregnant with Hudson. For some reason, even though H’s labor & delivery was way easier than I ever imagined, I’m terrified to go into labor. Maybe because I’m not familiar with the hospital here or because I know that if something goes wrong they have to fly me to Seattle. I’m also scared of how Hudson is going to react to all of this. He’s been my one and only and I can’t imagine not being able to give him all of the attention he deserves especially right after the new baby is born. Also, how am I going to take care of a toddler during the day if my newborn is up all night?!!!  Oh man, I could go on and on and on.
    A: It’s cliche to say I’m scared to go into labor, I mean who isn’t? First time or not anything could happen so that’s a given. Most of all I’m just scared for the changes my body will go through. I’m scared of gaining too much weight and not feeling sexy. I’m also scared of the baby entering the world anything other than being completely healthy. My sister recently had a one month preemie and I can only imagine the thoughts that were running through her head that week spent in the NICU.
  8. Are you going to find out the gender asap or wait? Any predictions?
    Ha! Me, wait? Yeah right! I’m already anxious to find out and I only have to wait another few weeks. Definitely going to find out at my 20 week appointment. I’m crossing my fingers for a girl but I have a feeling we’re going to have a boy. I think I might have made that up in my head though so I don’t feel let down when they tell us theres a little something between the legs. But really, pleeeaaaaseeeee be a girl!
    A: We are going to have a small gender reveal brunch with our families and find out with everyone together! My mom was the first one to ask me this question. She said she had an instant feeling while pregnant with me and her feeling was correct. When my sister found out she was expecting my mom instantly called girl! But I honestly can’t say that I have a feeling of either gender. If we go based off of the old theory’s like hear rates, sweet or salty craving, carrying high/low, breakouts etc. then I could probably narrow it down but I’ve asked so many moms those questions and it’s never consistent. I’m just convinced it’s a boy because so many people have said so lol
  9. Have you noticed any changes to your body or daily life?
    I’m dragging all day everyday. I am sooooooo tired. But other than that I haven’t noticed many changes yet.
    A: So far the normal “unspeakables” that nobody but your OB talks with you about are obvious. I am a retail manager so that involves a lot of talking and I’ve noticed that I become out of breathe most of the time. It’s kinda funny and weird.
  10. Do you have any MUST HAVE products to share for expecting mommies?
    I second what Ashley said. She told me about the Joise Maran Body Butter and it is the best! Just keep following along on Instagram though because I’m an avid product tester. I love trying new things and sharing the what I end up loving. My husband actually hates when I do the shopping because I always come home with a million new things just to “try”. Oooops! Sorry babe.
    A: I am prone to stretch marks, my mother suffered from them so badly, poor thing. So I am terrified! I’ve always hated the smell of coco butter so the first thing I purchased was Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter (lavender scent). This product is not advertised as a stretch mark preventative but I did some research and it includes: Avocado Oil which helps the body to grow healthier and stronger skin, Shea Butter which helps prevent stretch marks and Lavender which is also used to promote the healing of stretch marks and toning of the skin. So if you ask me, this sounds like a good option! Plus it smells AMAZING! Lavender is also so calming so I put it on right before bed.

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments below and we’ll be sure to answer them in the next round.


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