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Bringing home a baby, whether as a first time parent or not, comes with a lot of worries and fears. I was definitely one of those mothers that constantly woke up to check on Hudson in the night. By the time I had heard of Owlet Baby Care, Hudson was past us needing one so it didn’t quite fit into our lifestyle anymore but I knew I was going to want something like this for our baby girl. I was thrilled when Owlet recently reached out to me and asked if I’d like to review the product with Cooper. Because the risk of SIDS is unknown, Owlet does not and cannot claim to prevent it, however I loved the idea of the reassurance it could provide me. The technology is essentially the same as the little wraps they put on your child’s finger or toe at the doctor’s office but instead it is designed as a sock and you get the luxury of it made appropriate for the home.

When you first open your Owlet Baby Care package, you will need to choose a sock size (1-3) based on your childs age. From there you will plug the base station into the wall and the sock into the base station to let it charge. While you’re waiting you can download the Owlet Baby Care app onto your smartphone which is where you will find all of your babies info once you’re up and running. When you’re done with all of the setup it’s time to get your baby ready. The sock can fit on either foot (see instructions for how to put it on) and is secured by velcro to keep it on nice and tight. The app will then track your babies heart rate and oxygen level through the sock, providing you with some serious peace of mind. I recommend getting your baby used to the sock before jumping into wearing it just for sleep. Cooper never seemed bothered by it at all but I did start by putting it on her leisurely during the day which might have helped. If your baby is wiggling the app won’t be able to register any of their levels which is to be expected, so it definitely helps to get your baby comfortable wearing the sock! It is designed to be used when your baby is sleeping, so at nap time or during the night.

My favorite thing about Owlet is that I can check everything right on my phone. Cooper currently sleeps in her bassinet next to me so she isn’t far, but not having to get out of bed in order to check on her when I wake in the middle of the night, is a game changer. I get the assurance I need quickly and easily and can drift right back to sleep. In addition to me being able to easily check on her, it is designed to notify me if her heart rate goes too low or too high or if her oxygen levels start to decline outside of the preset zones. The other awesome features I love about the Owlet app are: 1. I love that I can check up on Cooper from anywhere. If I leave her with a babysitter, I can simply put the sock on her and open the app when I’m away to make sure she’s doing okay. And 2. I can have my husband or other family members download the app, give them access, and they can check in on her whenever they have the urge. This is especially great for our parents because they are all the way on the East Coast and are always calling to ask how baby is.

I highly recommend this for any parent welcoming their child into the world. The price may seem steep but I can honestly say if I hadn’t been gifted one for this review, I would have been totally happy with it had I purchased it myself.  As new parents we need something like this to help us relax because constant worrying plus lack of sleep causes an incredible amount of stress. I don’t know about you, but I want to be able to enjoy my time with my child as much as possible and leave the worrying to someone else.

Thank you to Owlet Baby Care for gifting us their product for this review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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