Thank you, Lola

Who the heck is Lola? I’m sure that’s what you all are wondering. I’ve never been one to name my cars, but my mom wouldn’t stop calling my nav system Lola so it kind of just stuck. I mean, she does talk to me so why not treat her like a human, right? Plus, where would we be without her? I never knew how much I appreciated my ability to drive and own a car until I lived in New York City for a few months in 2012 and left my car in Florida. Sure there is plenty of reliable public transportation in the city (which is why I didn’t bother bringing it) but I felt incredibly stuck not being able to drive out of the city. Our family car gives us a lot to be thankful for so I thought it would be fun (and silly, I know!) to write a quick letter of thanks to her.

Why I’m thankful for you, Lola:

1. Staying calm on our way to the hospital June 16th 2015.
No, I wasn’t in full blown labor but boy were we nervous. June 16th 2015 was the day I was scheduled for an inducement. We filled you up with an infant car seat and our hospital bags, buckled up, looked at each other for reassurance and went on one last dinner date as a baby-less couple. Our lives were about to change drastically and you took us right up to the front doors of this beautiful journey we call parenthood.

2. Always being a good sport and re-routing me when I fail to listen and make a wrong turn.
Sometimes I am stubborn. And because of that, sometimes I think I know a better way. But every single time you quickly re-route me so I don’t even have time to get as lost as I was about to.

3. Getting us from Florida to Alaska without a single hiccup.
This was a big trip for us. And as always, I knew I could count on you! Hudson wasn’t even two months old when we began our very long trip from Florida to Alaska but you kept all of us safe and comfortable. You gave power to our bottle warmer, kept Hudson peacefully asleep with your smooth ride, and warned us of any traffic concerns ahead so we could prepare. It was a two week long trip so the least we could do was reward you with a relaxing three day cruise across the ocean to our new home. Hope you enjoyed it!

4. Always being one step ahead of us to keep us warm. Got that remote start, ya know? 😉
Lola, you spoil us rotten. Getting into a warm and cozy car in the middle of winter? Now that is what I call VIP treatment. I can’t think of anything better!

5. But most importantly, thank you for providing my family and I endless amounts of memories.
You bring us so much joy. It’s no secret to those who know me that I love a good road trip! I got my first car when I was eighteen and since then I have driven through all but nine states. There is just something about getting in your car and driving for hours, days even, passing through towns you wouldn’t even know about, and connecting with total strangers at every stop you make. There is so much to learn while traveling on the road, so much to see, and I can’t wait to pass on this same love to my kids as we road trip together over the next several years. Since we currently live in a city that has no roads in or out, we don’t have many miles to drive. So instead we take Lola as far out the road as we can get and enjoy our time surrounded by nature.

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