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I can’t even begin to tell you how many times this little babe gets stopped when we’re walking down the street here. Ever since he was 6 months old, when we first came to Chicago to visit my mom, he has been filled with attention from strangers. I can’t blame them because if he wasn’t mine I would be all over him too. Wait, I still am. He’s developed the cutest and sweetest personality; always flashing people the biggest and goofiest smiles. It really warms my heart watching him develop these quick in-passing relationships with people. Our vacation started off a little rocky with my mom in the hospital so I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get a Tiny Styles post up this week. But Lock and I decided to get some fresh air and take Hudson for a walk yesterday afternoon because a trip to Chicago isn’t complete without our stroll to Land of Nod. I have a love hate relationship with big cities. I grew up spending many months out of the year in Chicago and in a way I think I’m happiest in a city because I live for trying new food, finding new shops, and really enjoy all of the mommy-baby amenities plus all of the museums. Ahhhhh the list goes on, I guess. But at the same time, I absolutely love the calm, peaceful and beautiful family neighborhood vibes that small towns offer. Lucky for me I get the best of both worlds since we are able to visit so often.

You’ll hear me say a lot that I’ve come up with a new favorite outfit because honestly they all are. I can’t get enough of the clothes, shoes, and accessories made for little boys. This outfit features the best leather boots from Mikoleon and it is unreal how many times people stop to tell us how adorable they are and that they want a pair for themselves. Here is a little about each piece shown and keep a pretty great promo code.

Animal Hoodie – We just got this sweater from Waddler and it is pretty much all he has worn since we got here. This piece came all the way from Bolivia and is made out of Alpaca Wool so of course you can’t get much softer. I love that it is reversible because I get bored really easily and being able to switch it up is really awesome.
Denim Jeggings – I can never stay away from Zara. Even though I screw up the sizes I order ALL THE TIME. Note to self: size down like twice. These jeggings actually seem to run somewhat true to size though and they’re my go-to’s. Hudson is an adventurer and moved around a lot so having jeans that allow maximum movement and comfort is a must!
Artisanal Heirloom Boots – These boots from Mikoleon have not come off of his feet since they arrived. Okay, I’m exaggerating. But Hudson has worn them 9 times out of 10. They are to die for and the amount of compliments we get backs my opinion up 100%. The makers are all about making quality and unique up-cycled children’s products to promote pro-planet awareness which is really great! Use code “MIKOxPARTY4320” to get 20% OFF your purchase.
Grey Bubble Hat – You’ve seen this hat before and I already announced my love for it so I don’t need to say much other than if you haven’t already checked out Shirley Bredal‘s knits, do it now!
Leather Diaper Bag – I talked about this Josefina leather diaper bag in my travel blog post a month or so back but it is really perfect for any occasion. I especially love having it on trips like this when we’re doing a lot of walking because I can attach it to the stroller and have easy access to anything I need while we’re strolling and shopping. There are tons of pockets to organize and they’re big enough so things don’t get crammed in there. Plus the quality of the bag in general is better than ever!
Mumm Stroller – This stroller is by a company called Jane and they are just starting to make their debut in the USA. A while back they asked me to try it out and since shipping to Alaska can be pretty pricey I decided to wait and pick one up when we made it back to Chicago. I’m including this in my Tiny Styles post because holy moly is it gorgeous. I am definitely a sucker for heather grey’s! The padding on the seat is absolutely incredible and Hudson seems to relax the second he sits down.


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