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Hello again! It has been a few weeks since I’ve done a #TinyStyles post. Pregnancy with a toddler has been kicking my butt, but that’s totally normal right? It seems the only time I have any sort of motivation to get up and get out lately is when it’s frosty or snowy. You’d think that would be everyday this time of year in Alaska but nope. 33 degrees and rain is Juneau’s version of winter.

Thanksgiving week was probably my favorite week of 2016 yet. It snowed and everything froze over so for the first time EVER I got to skate on a lake. The day I shot the photos for this post is the day we saw the first few people out playing hockey with their families and immediately got back into our car and drove to our secondhand sports store to pick up a pair of skates for Lock and I. We paid $50 for TWO pairs of skates. Talk about smiling from ear to ear! But now that the weather has warmed up and is hammering us with rain, I’ll sit here and stare at these pictures until the snow comes back. Kidding! But really. I bought these little copper knit bloomers from Rylee & Cru’s winter line and it’s the first colored piece of clothing I think I’ve bought for Hudson. I mean other than blue, grey, white/tan or black. I have jokingly started saying that now that I’m carrying a girl I feel more colorful. I’m serious! I have been drawn to more colors lately which is totally out of character for me. I’m also feeling a heck of a lot more girly. Isn’t it crazy what our babies do to us before they’re even out of the womb?

This outfit was supposed to be Hudson’s Thanksgiving Day outfit but I couldn’t wait to put it on him so he wore it all week. Ha! Keep scrolling to see more pics and find out where you can get each piece.
Don’t forget to enter for a chance to win a pair of our favorite Mikoleon leather boots. See Instagram post for details.

Artisanal Heirloom Boots – These leather boots from Mikoleon are still and will always be a favorite of mine. And the amount of compliments we get just proves how beautiful they are. Head on over to my Instagram post to enter for a chance to win your own pair!
Woodland Sweatshirt & Knit Bloomers – I have had my eye on every single Rylee & Cru collection for forever now. Everything they come out with is pure gold! These two pieces were my favorites from the winter collection but honestly I think I’m about to go back and buy some more because I really can’t get enough of them.
Knit Hat & Tights – You can get both of these from Zara. And they’re still in stock! The tights are from the mini collection and the hat you can find in both girls and boys under accessories. I had a hat similar to this last winter and there was no doubt I had to get another this year. There’s just something about those darn pom poms!
Knit MittensShirley Bredal always wins in the knit department. If you haven’t checked out her collection, you’re missing out!

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