#TinyStyles | Snow Day!

Can you believe how early we got snow? Talk about a dream come true! An entire month early. But of course, we’re back to gloomy rain and temps in the 40’s so our winter wonderland is out of sight. Good thing I got pictures for days! Guys, I think Wednesday is going to be my new favorite day because it’s all about Hudson’s style. I love dressing this little guy and I’m for sure going to cry when he starts insisting he dress himself. This week for Tiny Styles I dressed him super warm (obviously) and took him out to Mendenhall Glacier to run around and get knee deep in snow. Last winter he was only 6 months so he wasn’t doing much adventuring and while he saw the beautiful white powder, he definitely didn’t know what to think. I’m happy to report, he loves it just as me! But maybe don’t eat it?

I’m kind of all over the place when it comes to fashion. I love so many different styles but one thing is for sure, I am all about the neutrals. Most of my favorite outfits are quickly put together without even really thinking about it. If I were to think about these outfits I would probably ruin them. Thinking causes me to be extremely boring haha! I start questioning too many textures, color tones etc. But all of those things, I think, bring together a beautiful wardrobe.

Okay, now for the fun part! A little about Hudson’s outfit:

Star Jacket – I ordered this jacket recently from Next Direct. It was my first time ordering from them and I couldn’t believe how quickly it shipped. No joke, I ordered it and two days later it was at my doorstep. I love how soft it is on the inside and it definitely keeps H warm. I put on long johns underneath and he was good to go. Obviously, this jacket is not meant for the snow. It did get a little wet but it didn’t soak through the jacket.
Boys+Girls Pant – I love everything from Kid+Kind. I first ordered from them earlier this year, not knowing what to expect, and was extremely impressed with the quality of their clothes and the softest material used. These pants are part of their new collection that just released a week or so ago. They’re lined with fleece on the inside which is perfect for Juneau. Again, definitely not going to keep you dry in the snow, but they didn’t absorb the water quickly so we didn’t rush.
Bubble Hat + Mittens – To say I am in love with Shirley Bredal‘s knits is a total understatement. I found her through Mini Mocks recently and couldn’t live without them. It can be really hard finding hats that Hudson will actually keep on, but thankfully this is one of them. And the mittens are attached to each other so I don’t have to worry about losing them if Hudson pulls them off. So far so good though! Which only means one thing, they’re comfy!
Fleece Boots – These boots are the B-MOC fleece boots from Bogs Footwear. Hudson isn’t really used to wearing boots so at first he was a little wobbly but after a few minutes he got the hang of walking in them. And now he’s practically running! I love these because I don’t really worry about them getting dirty since they’re outdoor shoes, so that’s what they’re meant for right? They keeps H’s feet warm and are great for snow play.

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  1. Kayla
    October 20, 2016 / 3:04 am

    ahhh I love this, seriously so cute!

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