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Let’s talk pajamas. Better yet, let’s talk stylish pajamas. I’m a sucker for cute kids clothes and sleepwear is no exception. Who doesn’t love stylish AND sleeping babies, am I right? Nowadays, with so many children’s shops popping up all over the internet, it can be impossible to find the best so I decided to try and narrow it down a bit for you. These are my favorites and ones that I consistently partner and they all have something unique to offer which I love. Take a look below to find out more about each shop and what it is I like about them. You’ll also find a few images of the kids totally rocking the brands at the end of this post!

Chasing Windmills – Owned by husband and wife duo, Sarah & JP, Chasing Windmills makes the best merino wool children’s wear. My favorite thing from them has by far been their Long Johns. Hudson wore these religiously in the colder months here in Alaska. They’re even better because the design makes them perfect for sleeping or getting out and about by themselves or layered for extra warmth. We also had a couple of their tee’s and a pair of pants that Hudson wore a bunch last summer.

MORI – Sleeping bag for the win! MORI’S sleeping bags are the bomb diggity no doubt. They keep Hudson super snug at night and if for some reason he needs his diaper changed in the middle of the night (accidents do happen guys) the zipper can be opened at the bottom for easy access. The company was started by Akin & Cam, two uncles, and let me tell ya, they put out some of the softest clothing essentials ever!

Softsie – Okay, have you ever heard of onesies infused with aloe vera?! Well now you have! Softie makes them and they are amazing. In fact they’re not only infused with aloe vera but also jojoba oil and vitamin E. Talk about soft skin! And for every order over $50, a dollar will be donated to the Pay It Forward Fertility Foundation.

Nuroo – Swaddling is not my specialty. Neither is baby wearing with wraps, but thats another story. Nuroo makes the softest swaddles and, wait for it, they have velcro to make it super easy to wrap tight and doesn’t leave any room for escaping! They’re made to be 3 sizes in 1 so a perfect fit for every stage!

  • Chasing Windmills

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