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We ventured out yesterday morning for a quick walk before Juneau’s snow storm. Our winter weather advisory for 3-5 inches quickly turned into a winter storm warning for 10-15 inches and as of this morning they’re saying up to 17 inches! But I can’t complain. I am currently sitting here writing this, staring out of our big window, watching the snow come down and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon. I did something smart for once (ha, jk!) and went to the store yesterday on our way home just in case this happened. My husband is out of town until this weekend and I have NO CLUE how to work our snow blower so my car is stuck in the driveway for the time being. Now, if only our house had a real fireplace!

Hudson isn’t quite sure how to handle all of the clothing he has to wear this time of year. It was 18 degrees yesterday and I had him bundled up in 5 layers but it kept him warm that’s for sure. And the gloves totally throw him off. How is he supposed to pick up sticks and rocks with those darn things on?!?! Anybody have suggestions for waterproof gloves that will fit him? All of the ones I’ve seen look way too big.

Outfit details: 

Button Overalls – This beautiful piece is from an awesome shop called Greenberry Kids. If you haven’t heard of them or looked through their website, do it now! They have some of the cutest things. As I’m sure you can tell, these overalls are a bit big on Hudson but he’s on the smaller side so nothing in his size usually fits him just yet. I don’t mind though because at least it will last longer that way. Also, I’m pretty sure these overalls are supposed to be for a girl but I loved them too much to let that stop me.
Knit Sweater – You’ve seen this sweater in a #TinyStyles post before but it is a big fave from Mabli. It’s made of 100% Merino Wool so it keeps Hudson super warm wether we use it as a light sweater or layered with a coat on top. It’s perfect for every occasion!
Merino Hat – This knit hat is another big fave from Le Edit. We’ve had it for months and I’m sure you’ve seen Hudson wearing it but it hadn’t yet made it into a #TinyStyles post. Unfortunately it is no longer in stock but Le Edit has plenty of other great things for sale and I’m sure their next winter line will be even better.
Booties – These little booties are from a company in Holland called Mini Nomads. They’re so cute and perfect for keeping Hudson’s feet warm. They have a rubber sole so they can be worn as slippers inside or adventure shoes outside.
Stroller – I’ve posted about this Jane stroller once before but we’re still loving it so I thought I’d feature it again. The color, material, and comfort are all perfect. And the wheels work great for any terrain. This walk was very snowy, and icy (I’m talking large chunks of ice) and it got us through it seamlessly!
Pacifier Clip – H’s favorite pacifier clip is from a company in Canada called Otherware. It is one of my favorite small shops to pick up some pacifier clips and teethers.

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