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This month for the #togetherwemother series we’re talking about “what being a mother has made me thankful for” You can find links to the rest of the bloggers in the series at the bottom of this post. 

It can be difficult thinking of things you’re thankful for since becoming a mother while your child is standing at your feet screaming at your for no reason at all other than the fact he wants an orange from the counter. But if you give them said orange, they’re going to end up with a bright read and painful diaper rash only to scream even more but this time for a very good reason. Or when they wake up a monster from a nap because the dogs ran into the room and they’re totally taking it out on you. Hello, it was the dogs fault!!!!

Knowing I had this post coming up I decided to take this rough day and turn it around (in my mind at least) by writing a list of some of the things becoming a mother has me thankful for.

In no particular order:

  1. Five minute baths that I’m able to sneak in while Hudson throws trash away (yes this is a thing)
  2. 30 minute, 60 minute, 120 minute but mostly 180 minute naps
  3. A shower once a week
  4. Buttons that make noise. Yes you heard me. That make noise. A toddlers dream
  5. Five hours of sleep
  6. Sweatpants
  7. Lavender oil
  8. Smoothies
  9. Frozen meals
  10. Teething tablets
  11. Instagram moms
  12. Snuggles and cuddles
  13. Open mouthed slobbery kisses
  14. Melt my heart smiles
  15. Excessive giggling
  16. Work their butt off husbands that make it possible for us mom to stay home
  17. Family that totally takes over when they come for a visit so I can have a vacation in my own home
  18. The teachers that will eventually go above and beyond to teach my kids
  19. Doctors and nurses that strive to keep my kids alive and healthy
  20. Sweatpants
  21. Instagram moms

I could list 100 more at least but my son is currently rock climbing the counter to get that damn orange, so gotta go! Happy Thanksgiving all! And thanks a whole bunch for following our journey.

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